Deaf to the Light

Her heart is the shape of winter
It’s the only place where dead things grow
There once was a man who sparked a fire within her
But all she could manage was to open her mouth and spit out the ashes

She gave birth to many worlds
But not knowing how to give them life
She spends her days in a chair in a lonely room
Watching her breath carry dust towards the sunlight in a window

The blood of her descendants cries out
But she is deaf to the light of their pleading calls
So they shatter into a million pieces and fall silently to the ground
No more is asked of her… when the time comes, they will breathe life into each other

She takes another taste of the wordless and once again has nothing to say.

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  It’s been a while since I’ve posted any writing, so I feel a little badly about posting something so heavy… something that doesn’t feel “happy”.  We don’t always feel happy, though, do we? It makes me incredibly sad to see a mother who doesn’t realize joy in her children. I can’t even begin to comprehend it… and I’ve had problems that have caused serious meltdowns and near-shutdowns, but there’s just something about the love I feel for my children that has always helped me see the light and pick myself up off the floor. I truly feel for the moms who are so deeply troubled that even the connection between mother and child doesn’t come into play. My heart goes out to these women and especially to their children. <3

California Trip!


One of our many hosts on the Redondo Beach Pier… ;)


King Harbor at Redondo Beach


The beautiful Redondo Beach… we were pleasantly surprised to find that the beaches weren’t too crowded. :)


Sandpiper… and this one wasn’t alone.


Its mates were quietly congregating near us… I couldn’t help but think of the movie “The Birds”. ;)


Manhattan Beach… possibly my most favorite beach in Cali.


Manhattan Beach Pier


Manhattan Beach


Sparkly sunshine… :)


It was a challenge to capture the sunset at Manhattan Beach Pier on this evening. A surfer realized I was taking photos, and I actually have some of him smiling and posing! And I never once looked at him! Hilarious! :P


Point Mugu State Park


Point Mugu Beach


Point Mugu at high tide

IMG_6827 - Long Beach Marina

Long Beach Harbor


The historic Queen Mary… we toured this ship a couple of years ago, so didn’t go again this time. It’s pretty amazing. You can check out more about the Queen Mary here:


Crystal Cove State Beach… the tide pools here were amazing! So much fun to explore… :)


Sandpipers were abundant near the tide pools at Crystal Cove Beach.


The coves at Crystal Cove Beach near Newport Beach, CA


So completely beautiful… Crystal Cove Beach


More of the tide pools at Crystal Cove Beach


El Matador State Beach in Malibu… there were multiple bridal party shoots, so this is the best shot I could get with no people. This place is so beautiful.


El Matador Beach in Malibu… the tide was coming in at sunset.


The flukes of mother and calf Humpback Whales… flukes are the two lobes on a whale’s tail. We were fortunate to be able to follow this mom and calf for a few miles on our whalewatching tour.


Angel’s Gate Lighthouse… the Los Angeles Harbor Light sits at the very end of the San Pedro Breakwater near Long Beach.


Sunset at Manhattan Beach Pier… California sunsets are super colorful! It was so awesome to visit this beach again. :)