Summer Voice

Those unhurried days are upon me,
When silent paths feel my feet once more
And my spirit awakens at Nature’s dance.
I smile a hello to my faithful tree friends
While composing a tune with joyful songbirds.
Deaf and blind to ignorance and darkness,
My soul drinks in the honesty of this landscape.
I merge with the light, mingle with the liquid,
As the music of the Uncompahgre River
Becomes my summer voice yet again.

~ Carolyn

P.S.  Yes, I know that it’s only Spring. ;)

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We Talked About Highway Safety

On the Million Dollar Highway just south of Ouray, Colorado, this guy was grazing on new grass along the roadside. We slowed the vehicle and stopped… he never budged! I put my window down (I was within 15′ of him!), and I started telling him that he needed to get away from the highway before someone hit him. Bored and disinterested, he finally turned and gave me a look like “this ain’t my first rodeo”. ;)